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NIT Raipur Foundation for Innovation Entrepreneurship (NITRRFIE) is a Section-8 (GoI Company’s Act) not for profit company of NIT Raipur.

NITRRFIE has been established in March 2021 to:


Facilitate the translation of ideas and innovations emerging from the scientific, technological knowledge capital, into viable startups, thus contributing to the socio-economic development and well-being of the region and country.


Create an environment for successful translation of scientific research and knowledge into commercially viable enterprises by building and sharing resources, networks, competencies, and expertise in key areas at the interfaces of technology and innovation, business and entrepreneurship, and governance and policy.


To foster the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in individuals and groups to address the current and emerging societal needs by providing an effective channel to bridge the gap between scientific research and knowledge creation at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Raipur and allied institutions.


To facilitate co-operation and interaction between academia and industry (specifically between NIT Raipur and enterprises, entrepreneurs in various sectors) and promote innovation through formal and informal means, to identify, conceptualize, implement joint projects between companies/ entrepreneurs and faculty/students of NIT Raipur.

Our approach to achieve

To achieve the above objectives the NITRRFIE will strive:


To incubate and nurture the translation of innovations right from the idea phase to a successful startup by providing support and handholding through all the stages and steps of the entrepreneurial journey and help the resulting ventures survive in the competitive market and reach a stage where they can scale-up further.


To construct, build, erect, establish, equip, fabricate, install, own and operate regular and R&D facilities providing incubation support to various research projects undertaken by enterprises and entrepreneurs.


To create and disseminate knowledge and experience related to creation, growth and success of entrepreneurial ventures.


To be a center of excellence and a coveted place for innovative and enterprising minds providing an effective and efficient innovation and startup eco-system.


To support and nurture startups with innovative ideas, creative acumen, human values, professional ethics, ecofriendly approach and contribute actively towards making India self-reliant as well as pave a way for making the planet more sustainable for generations to come.
To excel in supporting startup and innovation ecosystem in the region and to nurture the innovative mindsets among all the stakeholders through curricular and co-curricular offerings that will create a cascading effect and emerge as a leading center in the country for Innovation and Incubation. NIT Raipur aims to become the first choice for students aiming Entrepreneurship as a Career Option.


  1. To create a policy framework to guide all the stakeholders regarding various regulations, modalities, procedures, and facilities available to support and assist the innovation and entrepreneurial activities.
  2. To create an institutional framework to carry out innovation and startup support activities.
  3. To create an enabling eco-system to nurture and promote innovation and startup culture in students, faculty and staff members, alumni of NIT Raipur and society at large.
  4. To provide a system to facilitate startups in every step of their entrepreneurial journey.
  5. To facilitate optimal utilization of various resources already available in the institute for support of innovation and startup activities.